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Catholic Character Development Through the Virtues

New:  Updated RCCDSB Virtues Resources

Reference pages for educator use, student handouts or enlarging & posting on classroom wall.  Colouring pages for individual or group work can be posted in hallway as part of bulletin board display.

Reference Pages
Theological Virtues Reference Sheet (Updated Jan 2018)
(Educator resource: contains brief definition, action statement and simple prayer for each virtue)
Cardinal Virtues Reference Sheet (Updated Jan 2018)
(Educator resource: contains brief definition, action statement and simple prayer for each virtue)
Theological and Cardinal Virtues Reference Sheet (Updated Jan 2018)
(Provides simple definitions for the virtues.  A helpful reference for educators and students.  Try putting it in your newsletter, posting it in your classroom – you can enlarge it on a photocopier to 11 x 17 size – or handing it out to students)

Colouring Pages
(Suitable for class bulletin board display. See YouTube video of George Vanier Catholic School’s Faith display using colouring pages)
Faith Colouring Page (Updated Jan 2018)
Hope Colouring Page (Updated Jan 2018)
Love Colouring Page (Updated Jan 2018)
Prudence Colouring Page (Updated Jan 2018)
Justice Colouring Page (Updated Jan 2018)
Temperance Colouring Page (Updated Jan 2018)
Fortitude Colouring Page (Updated Jan 2018)
New: Forgiveness Colouring Page
New: Prayer for the Virtue of Forgiveness
(Can be used as virtue of month prayer in classroom, assembly or over PA system with morning announcements)
Theological Virtues Colouring Page (Updated Jan 2018)
Cardinal Virtues Colouring Page (Updated Jan 2018)

Border for Virtues Bulletin Board 

Prayer Services
The Gift of Faith
(Prayer service to celebrate the virtue of Faith)
Educating in Christian Hope
(1 page opening prayer for Curriculum inservice or PA Day)
Planting in Hope, Nurturing in Love
(Short prayer service to begin a PA day, PLC or Staff Meeting)
Prayer to Celebrate Love and Family
(Prayer service for Catholic schools)
The Virtue of Love
(2 page school prayer service on the virtue of love)
Planting in Hope, Nurturing in Love
(Short prayer service to begin a PA day, PLC or Staff Meeting)
School Newsletter Reflections
Additional RCCDSB Resources
Character Education in Catholic Schools:  The Power of Our Story
Address delivered to Symposium on Catholic Character Development in Kingston, Ontario on October 8, 2008
Renfrew County Catholic Schools:  Educating People of Character
RCCDSB Statement on Character Education through the Ontario Catholic School Graduate Expectations (2007)
Educating People of Character
RCCDSB Character Education Statement through the ICE CGEs in booklet form.
Educating People of Character Inservice Guide
Catholic Graduate Expectation Journals
(A valuable resource developed by RCCDSB teacher Angela McGrath to help K-8 students reflect on the Ontario Catholic School Graduate Expectations.  These month-by-month journal  activities will reinforce the values which form the distinctive character of  our Catholic schools – highly recommended)

Assembly of Catholic Bishops of Ontario
Character Development and the Virtuous Life       
(ACBO Position Paper on Character Education in Catholic Schools)
EOCCC Resources 
Our Language, Our Story.  Character Development Through the Virtues
ON Ministry of Education
Literacy & Numeracy Secretariat Character Development Page
Finding Common Ground. Character Development in Ontario Schools K-12
(June, 2008 Edition)
Finding Common Ground
(October, 2006 Edition)

Equity and Inclusivity

Ontario Bishops
Observations on a recent change in government policy re: proposed anti-bullying legislation

(by Thomas Cardinal Collins, Archbishop of Toronto. May 28, 2012)
Character Development and the Virtuous Life
(ACBO Position Paper on Character Education in Catholic Schools)
“RESPECTING DIFFERENCE”  A RESOURCE FOR CATHOLIC SCHOOLS IN THE PROVINCE OF ONTARIO Regarding the Establishment and Running of Activities or Organizations Promoting Equity and Respect for All Students
(Released Jan 25, 2012; provides guidelines for formation of clubs and activity groups in Catholic schools within a framework that is “respectful and consistent with Catholic teaching.”)
RCCDSB & EOCCC Resources
Virtues: Building Character, Equity & Inclusivity
Handout briefly defining each virtue and how it can be practised to promote equity and inclusivity in our Catholic schools.  Suitable for posting in classrooms.
Equity and Inclusivity Through the Virtues Using Our Language, Our Story
One page handout that gives expression to how the virtues can be used to promote equity and inclusivity in Catholic schools, using the EOCCC’s character development resource, Our Language, Our Story
Fostering Equity and Inclusivity Through the Virtues Using Our Language, Our Story
20 frame Powerpoint presentation on approaching Equity & Inclusivity in Catholic schools with distinctive Catholic language and terminology, focused through the virtues, using the EOCCC’s Our Language, Our Story.
Fostering Equity and Inclusivity in Catholic Schools:  Some Key Concepts and Terms
Paper outlining Catholic language and terminology Catholic school boards can draw on when developing equity and inclusivity policies.
Inclusivity Resources from L’Arche Canada
(Excellent resources with a focus on inclusivity of intellectually disabled persons)
Prevent Bullying, Promote Kindness: 20 Things All Schools Can Do by Thomas Lickona
(Provides 10 practical school-wide and classroom strategies; affirms character development as a necessary approach)
SUNY Cortland School of Education Winter/Spring 2012 Newsletter focussing on bulling issues – contains above article by Thomas Lickona.

Students at Risk
A Place of Honour. Reaching out to Students at Risk in Ontario Catholic Schools
CARFLEO resource providing a distinctive Catholic approach to meeting the needs of students at risk.

Indigenous Education

Papal Pronouncements on Indigenous Catholic Faith
(“(Your forefathers) knew by instinct that the Gospel, far from destroying their authentic values and customs, had the power to purify and uplift the cultural heritage which they had received… …Christ, in the members of his Body, is himself Indian. …Today I repeat those words to you, and to all the Aboriginal peoples of Canada and of the world. The Church extols the equal human dignity of all peoples and defends their right to uphold their own cultural character with its distinct traditions and customs.”)
Pope John Paul:  Meeting With the Native Peoples of the Americas. Phoenix, AZ. September 14, 1987
(“…I encourage you, as native people belonging to the different tribes and nations in the East, South, West and North, to preserve and keep alive your cultures, your languages, the values and customs which have served you well in the past and which provide a solid foundation for the future. Your customs that mark the various stages of life, your love for the extended family, your respect for the dignity and worth of every human being, from the unborn to the aged, and your stewardship and care of the earth: these things benefit not only yourselves but the entire human family.)

Your gifts can also be expressed even more fully in the Christian way of life. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is at home in every people. It enriches, uplifts and purifies every culture. All of us together make up the People of God, the Body of Christ, the Church. We should all be grateful for the growing unity, presence, voice and leadership of Catholic Native Americans in the Church today.”)

CARFLEO Resources
(Excellent collection of links to many helpful resources)
Sister Priscilla Solomon Page
(Excellent collection of videos that accompanied Sr. Priscilla’s presentation on the TRC at the CARFLEO AGM in Spring, 2017)

Catholic Indigenous Faith and Spirituality
New: Lakota Spiritual Leader Black Elk Declared Servant of God, Cause for Sainthood Examined
(Catholic Herald News, Nov 4, 2017)
New:  Nun Finds Catholic Spirit in Ojibway Roots
(Catholic Register, Sept 10, 2017.  “The deepest values of my own people, as Ojibway people, are values that are totally compatible with the Catholic values” – Sr. Priscilla Solomon)
Kateri TV Stories and Journeys from the Canadian Catholic Aboriginal Church!
(Excellent Villagers Media Productions resources on Catholic Aboriginal Spirituality)
Kateri Native Ministry of Ottawa

Ontario Ministry of Education 
Backgrounder – Aboriginal Education In Ontario
Ontario Ministry of Education.  February 24, 2009

Introduction to Aboriginal Education Strategy and First Nation, Métis and Inuit Education Policy Framework
(Ontario Ministry of Education, 2009)  Includes links to:
First Nation, Métis and Inuit Education Policy Framework
Aboriginal Education in Ontario: New Resources and Opportunities for Parents, Educators and Students
Aboriginal Perspectives:  A Guide to the Teachers’ Toolkit
(Government of Ontario, 2009)
Sound Foundations for the Road Ahead
(Ontario Ministry of Education.  Fall 2009 Progress Report on Implementation of the Ontario First Nation, Métis, and Inuit Education Policy Framework.  Report provides an overview of the steps the ministry, school boards, schools, and community partners have taken to implement the strategies outlined in the framework and to support First Nation, Métis, and Inuit student success.)
The Ontario Curriculum, Grades 9 and 10: Native Studies, 1999
The Ontario Curriculum, Grades 11 and 12: Native Studies, 1999

Boards & Cooperatives – Resource Pages 
Indigenous Learning Resources – Eastern Ontario Catholic Curriculum Cooperative
Sudbury Catholic School Board Aboriginal Education Page

Truth & Reconciliation Commission
New:  Prayer for Truth and Reconciliation
(Prayer of repentance and solidarity with Indigenous Peoples following Canada’s Truth & Reconciliation Commission)
Sr. Priscilla Solomon
(CARFLEO resource page on TRC with links to print and video resources on the TRC gathered by and featuring Ojibway Sister Priscilla Solomon)

Canada’s Truth & Reconciliation Commission
Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Response to Truth & Reconciliation Commission

RCCDSB Resources
Aboriginal Education Page
Kateri Tekakwitha Page
World Religions Page
(See Indigenous Spirituality links)
New:  Our Lady of Guadalupe, a Short History
(By Tony Cosentino)

Local Indigenous Community Links
Algonquins of Pikwakanagan Official Website

Additional Resources
Achieving Aboriginal Student Success. A Guide for K to 8 Classrooms
(Excellent, practical resource with culturally relevant and meaningful education strategies for classroom teachers working with Aboriginal students by Dr. Pamela Rose Toulouse, Portage & Main Press, 2012)
NATIVE STUDIES IN ONTARIO HIGH SCHOOLS. Revitalizing Indigenous Cultures in Ontario
(By Paul Joseph André Chaput.  Master of Arts Thesis, submitted to Queen’s University Dept. of Geography.  Kingston, Ontario, Canada April 2012)





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