Foundational Documents

Foundational Documents on Catholic Education

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General Directory for Catechesis
The Catholic School at the Threshold of the Third Millennium
(Congregation for Catholic Education, 1997)
The Religious Dimension of Education in a Catholic School.  Guidelines for Reflection and Renewal
(Congregation for Catholic Education, 1988)
The Catholic School
(Congregation for Catholic Education, 1988)
Meeting With Catholic Educators in St. John’s Newfoundland
(Text of Pope John Paul II’s speech September 12, 1984)
Educational Guidance in Human Love.  Outlines for Sex Education
(Congregation for Catholic Education, 1983)
Lay Catholics in Schools:  Witnesses to Faith
(Congregation for Catholic Education, 1982)
Catechesi Tradendae
(Apostolic Exhortation, Pope John Paul II, 1979)
Gravissimum Educationis
(Vatican II’s Declaration on Christian Education, 1965)

Ontario Bishops
NEW:  Renewing the Promise, Pastoral Letter on Catholic Education
(ACBO, Spring 2018)
RCCDSB Resources
Renewing the Promise. Reflection Resource for Catholic School Boards
(Renfrew County CDSB, 2018.  Suitable for use with staff, school councils and members of parish-home-school community)
ACBO Resources
Renewing the Promise, Educational Resources
(ACBO Fall, 2018. Contents: Discussion Guide, Personal Reflection Guide, Placemat, Discussion Guide PPT Presentation)
ICE Resources
Heart, Head and Hands: A Framework for Considering Contemporary Issues in Catholic Education
(Identifies, addresses key themes which emerged from discerning conversations at November 2017 Renewing the Promise symposium)
Let the Gospels Lead the Way
(Addresses first theme emerging from Renewing the Promise symposium, invites focus on importance of bringing Gospel message alive in our schools)
Understanding and Cultivating Authentic Community
(Addresses second theme emerging from Renewing the Promise symposium, focuses on nature & importance of a trusting, collaborative community in our schools)
Inspiring Students to Love God More
(Addresses third theme emerging from Renewing the Promise symposium, highlights ongoing need to rekindle mission and values. Encourages educators to recognize the graced opportunity Catholic schools have to inspire students to love God more)
Developing Faith and Identity in our School Community
(Addresses fourth theme that emerged from Renewing the Promise symposium. Highlights ongoing need and and ways to develop faith and identity in our school communities)
NEW:  Renewing the Promise Presentation by David Wells to PVNC Catholic Dist School Board, 2018
Fulfilling the Promise:  The Challenge of Leadership
(OCCB [ACBO],1993)
This Moment of Promise
(OCCB [ACBO], 1989)
ACBO Education Documents Page

Alberta Bishops
The Parent and the Catholic School
(Alberta Conference of Catholic Bishops, 2010)
Catholic Education: Becoming Salt and Light for the World
(Alberta Conference of Catholic Bishops, 2002)

Institute for Catholic Education (ICE)
Ontario Catholic School Graduate Expectations 
(See ICE’s Publications Page)
Curriculum Matters – A Resource for Catholic Educators (1996)
Educating the Soul – Writing Curriculum for Catholic Secondary Schools (1998)
Ongoing Adult Faith Formation: The Key To Educating The Soul: Successful Practices (2000)
Ontario Catholic Education and the Corporate Sector (1997) 
Writing Curriculum for Catholic Schools – A Framework 
(Cost $2.50 See Publications Page for Details)
Ontario Catholic School Graduate Expectations (French Language)
(From Conseil des Écoles Catholiques du Centre-Est [Ontario])

Ontario Catholic School Trustees’ Association
(Available through OCSTA’s Virtual Library Page)
   Catholic Education Brochure
   168 Years of Success
   Catholic Trustees.  Advocates, Guardians & Stewards of Catholic Education
   A Call to Service
   Faith Reference Portfolio for Beginning Teachers
   Pastoral Form for New Teachers
   A Promise Fulfilled
   ($25.00 each plus s&h, 10 or more $22.49 each plus s&h)
   The Enduring Gift Booklet                                                                                                                                          ($1.50 each plus s&h)
   Witnesses to Faith Booklet                                                                                                                                          ($1.50 each plus s&h)
   Involving Other Parents – The Primary Focus of a Catholic School Council
   ($3.50 each plus s&h)
Catholicity – Best Practices, 2008
(ECCODE, Compiled by James G. McCracken, Director of Education, Ottawa CDSB – June 2008)
Catholicity – Best Practices, 2009
(ECCODE, Compiled by James G. McCracken, Director of Education, Ottawa CDSB – August 2009)

A Place of Honour. Reaching out to Students at Risk in Ontario Catholic Schools
CARFLEO resource providing a distinctive Catholic approach to meeting the needs of students at risk.

Canadian Catholic School Trustees’ Association
Build Bethlehem Everywhere – A Statement on Catholic Education.  Free Download

(Booklet no longer in print; DVD Resource available for loan from Religious Ed/Family Life Office)
Bâtir Bethléem en Tout Lieu
(Available in print, $7.00 + shipping & handling)
The Special Vocation of Teachers in Catholic Schools $0.25 plus s&h

Catholic Schools Across Canada – Into the New Millennium. Ed. John J. Flynn
(Available for loan from Religious Ed/Family Life Office)

Ontario Catholic Supervisory Officers’ Association (OCSOA)
Catholic Leadership Framework for Supervisory Officers
Mentorship:  An Invitation from Our Faith Tradition
Teaching as a Vocation (Video)

Catholic Principals’ Council of Ontario (CPCO)
Catholic System-Level Leadership Framework
Alberta Catholic School Trustees’ Association
Catholic Schools – Permeated by Faith
(Alberta Catholic School Trustees, 1996)

Important & Noteworthy
– Canadian Context
Catholic Education:  Ensuring a Future
(By James T. Mulligan CSC.  Novalis, 2005.  Available from CCSTA, Novalis)
Catholic Education – November 1999: An Assessment of a Great Work in Progress
(by James T. Mulligan, CSC )
– Ontario Context
Catholic Education:  A Light of Truth
(By Msgr Dennis Murphy, Catholic Register Books, 2007)
Catholic Education and Politics in Ontario Vol 4 1964-2001
(By Robert T. Dixon.  4 volume series published by Catholic Education Federation of Ontario)
A Promise Fulfilled.  Highlights in the Political History of Catholic Separate Schools in Ontario
(By Michael Power.  OCSTA, 2002)
– Newfoundland Context
Trial: The Loss of Constitutional Rights in Education in Newfoundland and Labrador:  The Roman Catholic Story
(By Bonaventure Fagan, Published by ADDA Press.  Available from CCSTA)
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