ACBO Education Commission

Notes:  March 2010 Liaison
(i) English Language Catholic Education
– Consultation for JK/SK Rel Ed/Family Life Program
The bishops endorsed undertaking of a consultative process during the 2010-2011 school year, with the intent to develop a combined Family Life Education / Religious Education program to the Kindergarten curriculum in light of gradual implementation of full-day Early Learning Program.
– Study re. Revising Gr. 1-8 Catechetical Texts
The bishops endorsed a proposal to undertake a study for the purpose of revising or replacing the current Catechetical texts (Grades 1 – 8).
Equity & Inclusivity / Rel Accommodation
Catholic Consortium’s draft documents re Ontario’s “Equity and Inclusive Education Policy” and “Religious Accommodation Guideline” were reviewed and revised.  Sstatements were endorsed in the Religious Accommodation Guideline document.
The Institute for Catholic Education Report
ICE Report included information on the following:
▪ Development of an electronic learning resource for the Fully Alive Program (Grades
1-8) as a professional development resource for teachers
▪ Fully Alive: Publication of Revised Grade 7 student and teacher books (Spring 2010) and revision/publication of Grade 8 during school year 2010-2011
▪ A document detailing the development of a Catholic version of the Ministry of Education’s Health and Physical Education Policy Document through revisions to align it with the Fully Alive Program
▪ Publication of Grade 11 World Religions Textbook – Spring 2010
▪ Update regarding the English Catholic Education Symposium – May, 2011
▪ Review of the Ontario Catholic School Graduate Expectations and Document on Best