Family Life Programs

The Family Life Education Programs offered in the Renfrew County Catholic School Board are produced by the Assembly of Catholic Bishops of Ontario.  Grades One to Eight follow the Ontario Bishops’ Fully Alive program.   Parent Information from the Bishops on the Fully Alive program can be found on the ACBO’s Fully Alive page.  Grades 10-12 are also approved by the Bishops. For information, please see below:

Elementary School Family Life Education

New Family Life Curriculum Policy Document (Elementary)

The Institute for Catholic Education has just released the new elementary curriculum policy documents for Religious Education and Family Life Education in Ontario.  Documents also accessible via ICE Publications Page.

Family Life Education Policy Document
Powerpoint Introductions:
Narrated Powerpoint Presentation on YouTube
(Excellent overview of revised policy document by Katharine Stevenson, Halton CDSB
Appropriate for staff inservice)
Powerpoint Introduction to New FA Policy Document
(Hosted on Catholic Curriculum Corporation website, under “Catholic Resources”)
Additional Inservicing Resources:
(From Central Curriculum Corporation Catholic Resources Web Page)
Fully Alive Learning Summaries
(Aligns FA learning summaries [pp. 122-23 policy doc] with:
– Growing Success document
– Equity & Inclusivity Strategy Document
– Health & Physical Education Policy Document [elem])
RCCDSB Family Life Education Pages:
RCCDSB Family Life Programs Page
RCCDSB Family Life Resources Page

Publisher and Purchasing
Fully Alive texts are published by Pearson Publishers.
See Pearson Canada’s Fully Alive ordering page

Inservicing Resources for Revised Program
The Assembly of Catholic Bishops of Ontario has been revising the Fully Alive program.   CARFLEO (Catholic Association of Religious and Family Life Educators of Ontario) has the following inservice resources for the revised program on its website:
Grade 1 and 2 Powerpoint Inservice
Grade 3 Powerpoint Inservice
Grade 4-5-6 Powerpoint Inservice

Additional Resources:

Combined Grades Resources
Toronto Catholic School Board Religious Education & Family Life guidelines for teaching Fully Alive in combined grades.
Accessible in one of 2 ways –
Through website:
Click on Family Life Combined Grades Outline on the left side of the page, it will take you to a list of combined grades.  Each one has specific instructions for covering the expectations for both grades:
TCDSB Religious Education & Family Life
Direct link by grade:
TCDSB Family Life Combined Grades Outlines 

CARFLEO Grade 7 & 8 Supplementary Resources
CARFLEO has also put together an online resource for use with Grades 7 and 8 Fully Alive programs covering the following:
Grade 7:
Bullying Prevention
Family Structures
Stress and Grief
Substance Abuse
Suicide Prevention
Grade 8:
Sexually Transmitted Infections
Stress and Grief
Substance Abuse and Addictions
Suicide Prevention
Bullying Prevention
Family Structures
Same Sex Attractions

CARFLEO Family Life Links

Secondary School Family Life Education

Our Secondary School Family Life Programs, also from the Ontario Bishops, and published by Pearson Canada are as follows:
Grade 9 & 10: Turning Points: Readings in Family Life Education 
Grade 11& 12: Reaching Out: Readings in Family Life Education

Links to Family Life Education Resources

Report Card Comments

Eastern Ontario Catholic School Board
(With thanks to CDSBEO for sharing these resources)
Sample Fully Alive Comments for Primary Level
Sample Fully Alive Comments for Primary Level

These comments are available in PDF form – contact Tony Cosentino
( for a copy.

Toronto Catholic School Board Report Card Comments
(From Religious Education and Family Life Website, Toronto Catholic School Board)
The following links will take you directly to comments for the Religion/Family Life box on the Ministry of Education Report card.  They are based on expectations and demonstrations covered in the Religion/Family Life programs.  These comments indicate what a student has learned during a specific term.  Please ensure that one to two Religion and one Family Life comment is included in your reports.
Family Life Education:
Grade One
Grade Two
Grade Three
Grade Four
Grade Five
Grade Six
Grade Seven
Grade Eight