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New Family Life Education Elementary Curriculum Policy Document

Family Life Education Policy Document
Powerpoint Introductions:
Narrated Powerpoint Presentation on YouTube
(Excellent overview of revised policy document by Katharine Stevenson, Halton CDSB
Appropriate for staff inservice)
Powerpoint Introduction to New FA Policy Document
(Hosted on Catholic Curriculum Corporation website, under “Catholic Resources”)
Additional Inservicing Resources:
(From Central Curriculum Corporation Catholic Resources Web Page)
Fully Alive Learning Summaries
(Aligns FA learning summaries [pp. 122-23 policy doc] with:
– Growing Success document
– Equity & Inclusivity Strategy Document
– Health & Physical Education Policy Document [elem])
RCCDSB Family Life Education Pages:
RCCDSB Family Life Programs Page
RCCDSB Family Life Resources Page

Loanable Family Life Resources

The RCCDSB Religious Education & Family Life Resource Library has a wide variety of Family Life-related  resources for all grades available for loan. Please don’t hesitate to call (613-432-9112)

Bullying & Cyberbullying (See also Internet Safety below)

New: Fully Alive Anti Bullying Tie-ins for Grade 4
(Lists expectations and blackline masters through which bullying-related issues can be addressed. Tony Cosentino, RCCDSB 2017)
Bullying:  A Plague to Combat Together
(Catholic Organization for Life and Family, 2013)
RCCDSB Safe Schools Policy
(Note: Policy sections listed by alphabetical order. Safe Schools Policy is extensive)
Renfrew County Catholic Schools Responding to Bullying with the Gospel
(RCCDSB Statement on Bullying)
Annotated Bibliography of Anti-Bullying Resources
(Compiled by Dufferin-Peel CDSB)
Anti-Bullying Policy and Procedures
(Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic School, Scottsdale, AZ.  Good overview of what constitutes bullying and how it is to be handled in a Catholic school)
Anti-Bullying Policy for Students
(Excellent policy from Catholic Schools of Diocese of Parramatta, Australia. A good resource for students and staff to review or consult)
Anti-Bullying Tips for Parents
(Web page from Hamilton-Wentworth CDSB, Canada)
Cyberbullying Research Center
(American-based.  One of the largest collections of cyberbullying resources online)
Loanable Resources
The Religious Education and Family Life Resource Library has a collection of bullying resources available for loan to board staff .    Please call or email Debby Smaggus or Tony Cosentino to borrow.

CARFLEO Resources

CARFLEO Grade 7 & 8 Family Life Support Materials
CARFLEO Family Life Links

Catholic Family Life videos on Catholic Family Life
(Eight streamed videos with study guides:  What is a Christian Family; Holy Family, Loving Family; Family Time; A Mother’s Pondering; The Birth of a Child; Three Gateways to Love; Defining Family; Family and Forgiveness.  Suitable for senior elementary, secondary and adult faith groups)

Chastity Resources

Living Chastity
(Links to chastity program resources – from Arlington, VA diocese)
Bonacci, Mary-Beth Articles
(Mary Beth Bonacci is a sought-after speaker on chastity. This page has links to many of her articles. Some address issues beyond the age and scope of our teen students. However, some are worth using with senior students).
Chastity by Mary Beth Bonacci
(One page article on chastity, looking at the physiological side of how men and women’s sexual interaction is designed for real permanent love)
Chastity by Fr. Ron Rolheiser, O.M.I.
(One paragraph quote by Fr. Rolheiser on chastity as reverence for the other, and willingness to wait for God’s time of consummation)
(Kathy DiFiore’s chastity website with guidance for chastity while dating. While no updated since 2006, it still contains useful information on chastity)
20 Tips for Christian Courtship
(Brochure by Catholic author Carmen Marcoux.  Useful resource for teens and those discussing dating, courtship and chastity with them)
Pam Stenzel’s Website
(Pam Stenzell speaks across North America to young people about chastity. Her presentation is well-informed and very engaging. We also have some of her video resources for loan at the Religious Education & Family Life Library).
Teen Star Program
(Sexuality Teaching in the context of Adult Responsibility)
This 30 year old program is  “a developmental curriculum which uses learning one’s fertility pattern to teach responsible decision-making and communication skills in the area of sexual behavior and enhances teens’ self-understanding and self-esteem.” (from website).  Its focus  on education for sexual responsibility around awareness of fertility claims a high rate of sucess educating and motiviating young people to live chaste lives.

Combined Grades Resources

Note:  Appendix C in Teacher Manual provides side-by-side learning expectations for each grade and the previous year (Grade One has Gr. 1-2 expectations)

Toronto Catholic School Board Religious Education & Family Life guidelines for teaching Fully Alive in combined grades.
Direct link by grade:
TCDSB Family Life Combined Grades Outlines

 Christian Marriage

RCCDSB Rel Ed/Family Life Christian Marriage Page
A Basic Theology of Marriage
(by Christopher West on website)

Church Teaching

The Truth and the Meaning of Human Sexuality.  Guidelines for Education Within the Family
(Pontifical Council for the Family, 1995).
Educational Guidance in Human Love.  Outlines for Sex Education
(Sacred Congregation for Catholic Education, 1983)
Humanae Vitae (On Human Life)
(Encyclical of Pope Paul VI on the regulation of birth)
Canadian Bishops
Pastoral Ministry to Young People with Same-Sex Attraction
(CCCB, June 2011.  Addresses pastors, educators and parents.  Upholding the dignity of persons experiencing same-sex attraction and reaffirming Church teaching on sexual intimacy as proper to marriage, emphasizes overcoming same-sex attraction with support of community and God’s help, especially in prayer and sacraments)
Pastoral Letter to Young People on Chastity
(Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops, 2011)
CCCB’s Catholic Office of Life and Family (COLF)
Towards a True Sexual Liberation
(Written at 40th anniversary of Humanae Vitae, aims to inspire readers to discover the “theology of the body” as taught by Pope John Paul II)
Ontario Bishops
Intimacy and Sexuality. A Letter to Catholic Secondary Students in Ontario From the Roman Catholic Bishops of Ontario
(ACBO, 1994)


 National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign 
(This website provides a helpful overview of the effects of street drugs on youth and adults. Well worth the visit.) 
A Substance Abuse Guide for Parents
( resource with helpful information for parents [as well as teachers of Senior Elementary Family Life Education and Health & Physical Education] on substance abuse and addiction among young people.  Contains useful strategies for identifying, preventing and dealing with substance abuse issues with children/students.)

Family Planning

Humanae Vitae (On Human Life)
(Encyclical of Pope Paul VI on the regulation of birth)
In the Name of Love. The Natural Approach to Family Planning
([Canadian] Catholic Organization for Life and Family, 1998.  Suitable for Senior High discussions around Christian Marriage, family planning and sexuality. Teacher preview recommended.)
Natural Family Planning Association (Ontario)
(Our association teaches the Billings Ovulation Method of natural family planning. The Billings Ovulation Method teaches a woman to interpret her natural signs of fertility through all her changing life stages from puberty to menopause. It is not the Rhythm method nor the Calendar method. It does not involve temperature taking. The Billings Ovulation Method is easy to learn and is highly successful when used by a couple to achieve or avoid a pregnancy. This method of natural family planning engenders co-operation and respect between the woman and man. It develops love and concern for each other and for the child, thus enriching their relationship -from their website)
Serena Canada
(Serena is a Canadian organization which is composed of trained members that use and teach the Sympto-Thermal Method (STM) of Natural Family Planning [NFP] – from their website).
What ‘Openness to Life’ Does NOT Mean
(by Brett Salkeld, May 8, 2009)

Internet Safety (See also Bullying & Cyberbullying, above)

Issues related to internet safety arise in our Family Life programs. The sites below are mainly for teachers and parents to peruse in order to orient the guidance they provide regarding internet use.  Teachers need to carefully review materials for age-appropriateness and need-to-know suitability.  Principal and parents should be advised beforehand about what is to be presented in class.  As with any online resources, resources and information within sites that are not consistent with Catholic Church teaching should not be used with students.
The Church and The Internet
(From the Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Social Communications, 2002)
Cybersafety Links and Resources
(Web page of St. Joseph’s Catholic High, Albion Park, NSW Australia)’s Keep Your Child Safe on the Internet
(2 page downloadable resource with practical tips for parents)
Internet Safety – 7 Steps to Protect your Family from Pornography – Simple & Practical
(Links to this and related downloadable resources from My House, a Catholic family organization operating under the auspices of the Archdiocese of Kansas City.  Site definitely geared to parents and educators)
Keeping Kids Safer on the Internet: Tips for Parents and Guardians
(13 pages of practical information on child safety, from US National Center for Missing and Exploited Children)
(Netsmartz is a US internet safety education site for parents, educators, law enforcement, teens and young children)
Ontario Provincial Police Cybersafety Page
(1 page downloadable tip sheet in PDF format)Reproductive Technology


The Dangers of Pornography
(CARFLEO Grade 7 Family Life Supplementary Unit)
The Dangers of Pornography
(CARFLEO Grade 8 Family Life Supplementary Unit)
How Pornography and Drugs Change Your Brain
(By Dr. Donald L. Hilton, Jr.   Examines how the brain is (chemically-biologically) affected by pornography, showing how pornography is just as powerful as any addictive drug.  Also looks at some of the widespread social and societal costs of pornography.
Catholic News Agency Articles on Pornography
Pornography is ‘a sexual Katrina’ tearing men down, says speaker
(By Peter Finney Jr. Catholic News Service October 30, 2009.  Posted on Archdiocese of Baltimore website)
USCCB Resources and Statements on Pornography


Thank You for the Gift of Me
(Prayer for the end of Theme Three unit in the Fully Alive Program)

Reproductive Technologies on Christian Morality & Ethics Page

Sexuality (see also Chastity above, and Theology of the Body on Christian Morality & Ethics Page)

Catechism of the Catholic Church No 2331-2400 (The Sixth Commandment)
The Truth and Meaning of Human Sexuality.  Guidelines for Education within the Family
(Pontifical Council for the Family, 1995)
Christian Marriage Page
(Contains a variety of links to websites promoting Christian marriage)
Designed for Sex
(By J. Budzijewski on website.  A presentation on natural law and sexual complementarity of man and woman)
Love and Responsibility: Beyond the Sexual Urge
(By Edward Sri, based on work of St. John Paul II. Hosted on website)
John Paul II on Love and Responsibility
(Love & ResponsibilityFoundation, New York Summer 2002 Edition. 32 Pgs)

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Managing the Sexually Transmitted Disease Pandemic: A Time for Reevaluation
(By Stephen J. Genuis, MC, FRCSC, DABog and Shelagh K. Genuis, BScOT, MLIS.  American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology (2004) 191, 1103-12)
Contains a lot of medical terminology, but worth the read for teachers.  Provides an overview of the four major sexually transmitted diseases (HIV/AIDS, HPV, HSV, Chlamydia), their escalating statistics and devastating consequences.  Article notes that current STD prevention and management strategies have done little to stem this rising epidemic.  It makes a strong case for delayed sexual debut (chastity) and partner reduction (sound medical justification for Catholic emphasis on sexual relations as proper to marriage) as perhaps the only effective way of stopping the spread of STDs.  Highly recommended reading for senior elementary and secondary panel teachers, and possibly grade 12 students.
The Med Institute
(An American organization providing useful fact sheets, statistics and information on sexually transmitted infections and teen pregnancy, while promoting abstinence. A helpful resource for teachers looking for further information and statistics)
Ontario Bishops’ Message on HPV Innoculation in Catholic Schools
(ACBO, 2007)
Loanable Resources:  Please contact Religious Education & Family Life Office

Theology of the Body

See also, RCCDSB Morality & Ethics Page, under “Theology of the Body”
New:  Theology of the Body:  Ten Takeaways
(Ten key TOB elements summarized on one sheet. Suitable for secondary Religious Education/Family Life classes)
John Paul II’s Theology of the Body – Original Texts
(Hosted by EWTN. All 129 of St. John Paul II’s Wednesday General Audience TOB presentations, from Sept 5, 1979 to Nov 28, 1984)
John Paul II’s The Redemption of the Body and the Sacramentality of Marriage
(Entire set of JPII’s TOB presentations in one free downloadable book)
John Paul II’s Theology of the Body:  Freedom, Truth, Gift, Communion, Dignity, Love… 
(12 page overview of St. JPII’s TOB themes)
John Paul II on Love and Responsibility
(32 page summary of themes from JPII’s book by same name, with supporting works from other authors)
What is the Theology of the Body and Why is it Changing So Many Lives?
(By Christopher West)
A Basic Theology of Marriage
(By Christopher West)
The Theology of the Body & The New Evangelization
(By Christopher West)
From the Sublime to the Ridiculous & Back Again
(By Christopher West. A helpful presentation on human sexual union between man and woman as an icon and foretaste of heaven’s ecstatic union between humankind and God)
John Paul II’s Theology of the Body: Key to an Authentic Marital & Family Spirituality
(By Christopher West,
Free Downloadable Resources
(from Christopher West’s TOB website)

The Scriptures, Human Sexuality and Sexual Morality, and Pope John Paul II’s “Theology of The Body”
(By William E. May, Michael J. McGivney Professor of Moral Theology, John Paul II Institute for Studies on Marriage and Family at The Catholic University of America,  2005)

Additional Resources

Christian Morality & Ethics Page has links to websites and articles on the following themes:
Environmental Stewardship
Eugenics, Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide
Moral Development
Reproductive Technology
Sexual Ethics
Stem Cell Research and Human Cloning
Theology of the Body
Transgenic Research

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