Scripture Resources

Scripture Study Sites

New Revised Standard Version (NRSV) Bible Online
New American Bible Online
Electronic New Testament Educational Resources
(Serious In-Depth Bible Study Resources)
St. Paul Centre for Biblical Theology
(Excellent collection of articles and tools for understanding the Bible and its message).
Scripture From Scratch 
(St. Anthony Messenger Press’ series on themes and topics in Scripture)
(Interesting site that allows you to input book, chapter and verse for a regional map and satellite photo of the holy land that can be zoomed in.  A very revealing look at the geography of the region)
Crossroads Initiative Catholic Bible Study Resources
(Contains downloadable lectures by Scripture scholars and links to a variety of Catholic bible study resources)
Bible Study Resources from St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Parish  in Picayune, Mississippi
(Various downloadable bible study sessions, closely linked to the liturgical calendar)
Gospels and Acts: a component of the extensive lists of New Testament Gateway
(By Dr. Mark Goodacre  An excellent and growing source for internet materials on Matthew, Mark, Luke, John and Acts, including both general resources and scripture indices.
Resources on the Gospel of John 
(Excellent collection of resources on the 4th Gospel, compiled by Prof. Felix Just, S.J., Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles)
(By Armand J. Gagne Jr., PhD., Associate Professor University of South Carolina Sumter)
Scripture Concordances:
EWTN’s Bible Search (Concordance)
Bible Gateway Searchable Concordance
Blue Letter Bible Concordance New Testament Greek Lexicon Bible Study Aids

Children’s Bible Resources

Printable Bible Story Colouring Pages – Lambsong Bible Story Books
Old Testament Stories
New Testament Stories

Scripture Resources and Articles

New:  The Beatitudes – A Concise Summary (Deacon Doug McManaman)
(Reviews each beatitude to show how they are blessings for us, despite the suffering they may entail)
New: Cleansing the Lens:  Letting Scripture Speak to our Image of God  (T. Cosentino, 2011)
(Provides some key terms to helping understand what the Bible says about God, with scriptural quotes for meditation and reflection)
New: Images of a Healing God in Scripture Letting Scripture Heal our Image of God
(Outline for 1-2 hour workshop outline on healing our image of God based on concepts outlined in Cleansing the Lens resource above)
The Genesis Creation Stories – Some Symbols and Deeper Messages  (Tony Cosentino, 2008)
This 3-page resource is a brief overview of the 2 creation stories and their meaning. It also explains the basic lessons these 2 stories convey through their narratives and symbols.  A useful reference for all teachers, particularly from grades 4 and up, who are asked questions regarding original sin, Adam and Eve, the devil, etc.
Understanding the Covenant: From Genesis to the Promised Land, Exile and Return (T. Cosentino, 2007)
Three page brief introduction to the bible’s central Covenant theme, beginning with ancient Near Eastern Covenant practices between tribes, through the stories of Noah, Abraham, Moses, Joshua, and on to the exile and return to Jerusalem led by Ezra and Nehemiah.  A useful introduction for teachers; suitable as a handout for secondary Religious Education classes (grade 10-12).
Covenant Justice in Deuteronomy  (T Cosentino, 2007)
This 3-page resource contains key quotes from the Book of Duteronomy which are foundational to a biblical understanding of justice, and to Catholic Social Teaching.  Suitable as a handout in senior elementary and secondary classes dealing with the biblical call to justice and Catholic Social Teaching.
From Abraham to Exile and Return  (T. Cosentino, 2007)
This 6-page resource presents an overview of the bible’s main characters and events from Abraham, Moses, Joshua, Judges, the prophets and kings, Babylonian exile and return to the promised land.  Worthwhile reading for teachers seeking to understand the bigger picture in much of the Old Testament.
A Time for Prophets  (T. Cosentino, 2007)
This 6-page worksheet assignment is suitable for a secondary (grades 10-12) classroom. It directs students to work through certain key Old Testament writings on the prophets: Elijah, Elisha, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel and Amos.  This will probably take from 2 to 3 class periods to complete.

Online Articles About Scripture

Acts of the Apostles: Guidance for Being Church Today
Hebrews and the ‘catholic’ Letters. Reaching Beyond Paul’s Churches
The Message of the Hebrew Wisdom Literature
(By Christi Goeser.  Excellent overview of biblical wisdom literature. Heavy-going at times, but worth the read)
Reflection on Mercy and Graciousness of God  Looks at the biblical Greek and Hebrew origins of the concept of Mercy, with some personal reflection questions at the end.  Good for teachers looking to better understand what the Bible teaches about God’s mercy.
The Deepest Truth About God  A very helpful reflection by Rabbi Shai Held on the significance of the Exodus experience for the Jewish People, and indeed for the entire Hebrew Bible. 
Taking God at His Word: A Catholic Understanding of Biblical Inerrancy From Catholics United for the Faith Website