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New Religious Education Elementary Curriculum Policy Document (Ontario)

Religious Education Policy Document
RCCDSB Powerpoint Presentations:
1.  Introduction
2. Instructional Approach & Strategies
3. The Program in Religious Education
4.  Assessment & Evaluation of Student Achievement
5.  Some Considerations for Program Planning in Religious Education
Additional Inservicing Resources
(From Central Curriculum Cooperative Catholic Resources Page)
(Prepared by Members of the Faith in Education Council, Catholic Curriculum Corporation
for The Institute for Catholic Education. Spring 2013)
Module A – Introduction Speaker Notes
Module A – Placemat
Module B – New Evangelization Speaker Notes
Module B – Graphic Organizer
Module C – Six Strands Speaker Notes
Module C – Placemat
RCCDSB Religious Education Pages:
Religious Education Programs Page
Religious Education Scripture Resources Page
Religious Education Online Resources Page
Religious Education Morality & Ethics Resources Page
Religious Education Social Justice Resources Page
Religious Education Sacraments Resource Page

Catholic/Religious Education Teacher Resources
Marvellous online resources, maintained by Catholic educator Gilles Côté.  A must-visit for Catholic school administrators, teachers, pastors and parents.   Check out his Catholic Faith Education Newsletter.

Marc Cardonarella’s Home Page
Great thought-provoking articles and reflections for Catholic educators and catechists.

Jared Dees’ The Religion Teacher Website
One of the strengths of this site is its focus on sound Religious Education lesson planning and assessment. Also has helpful articles and reflections on how we can make Religious Ed more meaningful and effective for students of all ages.

Joe Paprocki’s Catechist’s Journey Blog
Joe Paprocki is a well-known Chicago author and catechist. He speaks all over the United States, and his resources are widely used.

Primary-Junior Online Resources

The King Nobody Wanted by Norman F. Langford
Beautifully Illustrated Children’s book (90 Images). Published 1948 now available for download in public domain.
Colouring pages with Catholic Themes
Links to many printable colouring pages gathered by Gilles Coté on his Catholicfaitheducation.blogspot website. Well-worth the visit!

Intermediate-Senior Online Resources

2016 Curriculum Policy Document
Expectations for secondary programs (including grade 9) will be taken from the 2016 Ontario Catholic Secondary Curriculum Policy Document Grades 9-12 for Religious Education.    This new curriculum policy document will be gradually phased in during 2017, and fully implemented in 2018.  Published by the Institute for Catholic Education.

Course profiles can be found with each grade on the Religious Education Programs Page.


General Online Resources

Classroom Materials Makers
(Great generators for lesson plans and a wide variety of teaching-related resources)

Magazines and Journals

Catholic Education: A Journal of Inquiry and Practice
>From their website:  Catholic Education: A Journal of Inquiry and Practice is a refereed, open access, online journal that promotes and disseminates scholarship about the purposes, practices, and issues in Catholic education at all levels.  This open access journal represents Catholic colleges and universities, Catholic education leaders, and scholars from a variety of disciplines who are collectively committed to contributing research and encouraging good practice in Catholic elementary, secondary, and higher education by advancing the field of Catholic educational research.

Today’s Catholic Teacher Magazine
From their website:  Today’s Catholic Teacher, The Voice of Catholic Education, is the only magazine that reaches principals and teachers in every Catholic school in the country, plus all the diocesan superintendents and supervisors in the $10.4 billion US Catholic school market.

Catechist Magazine
From their website:  CATECHIST is the leading magazine reaching directors of religious education and thousands of teachers who teach religious education classes within the nearly 20,000 Catholic parishes and nearly 10,000 Catholic schools.