Catholic Youth Resources

Links to resources that engage Catholic youth and their most pressing issues from a faith perspective.

Taming Your Anger.  Some Strategies for Young People
(Lays out practical strategies for anger management for young people.  Divided into 1 or 2 page sections, each with an integrative scripture-prayer reflection at the end.  Suitable for secondary school use, particularly guidance/counselling staff and chaplaincy leaders)

NET Canada
NET stands for National Evangelization Teams. We are Catholic Missionaries who share Jesus’ gospel message with young people in a team format. NET Ministries of Canada challenge young Catholics to love Christ and embrace the life of the Church. NET Canada recruits and trains teams to evangelize to over 28,000 youth every year in churches, and schools.
•Proclaiming the Gospel of Christ through a personal witness of faith
•Inviting young people to live for Christ
•Forming young people in Christian character through the study and practice of our faith
•Equipping young adults and youth workers with the ministry skills needed for evangelization
(Source: NET Canada Website)

Catholic Youth Ministry Resources
An American-based Catholic youth ministry resource website. Contains some free lesson plans, icebreakers and videos for use with Catholic youth.

Pam Stenzel
Pam Stenzel is an internationally recognized speaker on chastity and related issues. Her videos are engaging and informative. The Religious Education & Family Life Office has copies of her videos available for loan (Suitable for secondary panel students)

Brett Ullman
Brett’s home site and Worlds Apart site contain helpful links and information on dealing with issues facing Christian youth today.  His Sensitive Issues (Hot Topics) page is worth the visit for resources on topics such as cutting, sexuality, drugs & alcohol, depression & suicide… Not all materials are suitable for all ages or classes; some discretion is required.  Brett is Canadian and resides in the Greater Toronto Area, and travels extensively speaking to youth and educators.
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