Catholic Graduate Expectations

Ontario Catholic School Graduate Expectations

Catholic education in Ontario identifies fifty-two core expectations which portray ideal characteristics of young men and women graduating from our schools.  These Expectations embody the Gospel values at the heart of Catholic education.  They give shape to all facets of school life including:
o school culture
o curriculum
o student attitudes and values
The fifty-two Catholic School Graduate Expectations are divided into seven life-giving arenas.  They are summarized below, and a full text version can be downloaded here.
Catholic Graduate Expectation Journals
(A valuable resource developed by RCCDSB teacher Angela McGrath to help K-8 students reflect on the Ontario Catholic School Graduate Expectations.  These month-by-month journal  activities will reinforce the values which form the distinctive character of  our Catholic schools – highly recommended)
A Discerning Believer Formed in the Catholic Faith Community who…
understands Christianity’s saving story;
lives a sacramental life centered in the Eucharist;
reflects on God’s Word;
seeks to live by and promote the principles of Catholic Social Teaching;
cherishes and defends the sanctity of human life;
cultivates communion with God and neighbour in prayer and worship;
strives to hear and follow God’s call;
respects the faiths of all world religions and persons of good will;
integrates faith with life;
recognizes humanity’s redemption from ongoing sin and conflict through forgiveness in Christ’s cross.
An Effective Communicator who…
listens and understands in light of Gospel values;
effectively reads, uses and understands written materials;
clearly, honestly and sensitively  presents information and ideas;
communicates in one of Canada’s official languages;
enhances life with critical analysis rooted in Catholic faith.
A Reflective, Creative, and Holistic Thinker who…
recognizes the abundance of grace despite sin in our world, and the essential role of Christian hope in facing life’s challenges;
creates, adapts and evaluates new ideas in light of the common good;
thinks reflectively and creatively to evaluate situations and solve problems;
makes moral decisions with a conscience informed by the Gospel;
approaches life and learning holistically;
examines, evaluates and applies knowledge from interdependent areas to help build a just and compassionate society.
A Self-directed, Responsible, Lifelong Learner who…
is self-confident, positive, respectful of others’ welfare and dignity;
is flexible and adaptable;
shows initiative and Christian leadership;
handles change in a discerning manner;
sets appropriate goals and priorities for school, work and personal life;
effectively comunicates, decides, problem-solves, manages resources and time;
considers life choices and opportunities in light of personal values, gifts and aspirations;
cultivates balance and health through leisure and fitness activity.
A Collaborative Contributor who…
works interdependently;
thinks critically about work’s meaning and purpose;
develops one’s God-given potential and meaningfully contributes to society
finds meaning, dignity, fulfillment and vocation in work for the common good;
respects personal and neighbour’s rights, responsibilities and contributions;
exercises Christian leadership to reach personal and group goals;
works with excellence, originality and integrity and supports others to do the same;
makes Christian vocation the focus of skills development for employment and self-employment.
A Caring Family Member who…
relates to family with love, compassion and respect;
recognizes human sexuality as God’s gifts for use as God intended;
values and honours family’s important social role;
values and nurtures family prayer;
ministers by serving family, school, parish and wider community. 
A Responsible Citizen who…
is guided by Catholic values, morally and legally;
is accountable for their actions;
seeks and grants forgiveness;
promotes the sacredness of life;
witnesses to Catholic Social Teaching by promoting its core values;
upholds the interdependence of the world’s diverse cultures;
appreciates our pluralistic society’s cultural heritage and history;
exercises the rights and responsibilities of Canadian citizenship;
respects and uses wisely the environment’s resources;
contributes to the common good.

Full Text of the Ontario Catholic School Graduate Expectations downloadable from the Institute for Catholic Education.  Copies also available from Religious Education and Family Life Office.