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Institute for Catholic Education

Institute for Catholic Education

Catholic Curriculum Cooperatives (Ontario)

Eastern Ontario Catholic Curriculum Cooperative (EOCCC)
Central (Ontario) Catholic Cooperative (CCC)

Catholic Curriculum Websites and Resources (Ontario)

Catholic Association for Religious & Family Life Educators of Ontario (CARFLEO)
Journey Activities
(For Integrating ICE CGEs into Catholic elementary curriculum) 
Our Language, Our Story – Curriculum Connections
(Virtues connected to Ontario curriculum for grades 1-8 for Catholic Character Development. EOCCC)
A Framework for Kindergarten in Catholic Schools In God’s Image – A Primary Foundation
(Central Curriculum Cooperative, Ontario)
Curriculum Support for Catholic Schools
(EOCCC, 2005. Dated, but nonetheless very useful curriculum development and liturgical and long term planning templates, themes with definitions, Scripture resources for curriculum development)

Catholic Professional Learning

Catholic Professional Learning Cycle (CPLC) Manual
(Outlines a distinctively Catholic model for collaborative inquiry, designed by eastern Ontario’s Religious Education coordinators and consultants, fall 2011)
CPLC – Accompanying Videos
CPLC Aboriginal Manual
(Focuses on meeting needs of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal students)
CPLC Aboriginal Manual – Accompanying Videos
CLPC Graphic Overview
(Useful for staff planning, PLC)
Our Language, Our Story: Catholic Professional Learning Communities – Our Thinking Made Visible
(Catholic Professional Learning Cycle overview incorporating virtues and Catholic themes)
Growing Success
Seeing Through the Eyes of Jesus:  Growing Success for Students in Catholic Schools 
(Support document for implementation of Growing Success: Assessment, Evaluation and Reporting in Ontario Schools,  First Edition covering Grades 1 to 12;
October 2013)

Classroom and Course Resources

Catholic Association of Religious and Family Life Education of Ontario (CARFLEO)
(Excellent links to online resources for K to 12 Religious and Family Life Education)

EOCCC Resources

Our Language, Our Story – Curriculum Connections
(Virtues connected to Ontario curriculum for grades 1-8 for Catholic Character Development. EOCCC)
Curriculum Support for Catholic Schools
Curriculum Frameworks for Combined Grades (Gr. 1-8)

Renfrew County CDSB Resources

Pathways/Vocation/Career Planning
Pathways Planning Template for Catholic Schools
(Career/Vocation life planning framework for Ontario Catholic school students.  Incorporates four areas of learning in education and career/life planning set out in Creating Pathways to Success. An Education and Career/Life planning Program for Ontario SchoolsAligns OCSGEs/Guiding Questions with Four Areas of Learning/Inquiry Questions [Knowing Yourself/Who am I? – Exploring Opportunities/What are my opportunities – Making Decisions and Setting Goals/Who do I want to become? – Achieving Goals and Making Transitions/What is my plan for achieving my goals?] )
21st Century Competencies
Aligning 21st Century Competencies with OSCGEs and the Virtues
(Tony Cosentino, RCCDSB and Tracey Adams, SCDSB, 2016.  Aligns 5 Cs of 21st Century Competencies discussion document with best-fit Ontario Catholic School Graduate Expectations, theological and cardinal virtues)
Students at Risk
A Place of Honour. Reaching out to Students at Risk in Ontario Catholic Schools
CARFLEO resource providing a distinctive Catholic approach to meeting the needs of students at risk.
Catholic School Distinctiveness
Renfrew County Catholic Schools – Educating in the Light of Faith
(On distinctiveness of Catholic curriculum, with Religious Education and Family Life Education at its heart, expressed in RCCDSB vision statement. 12 pg booklet)

General Curriculum Links

Ontario Ministry of Education Curriculum and Policy Documents
E-Workshop Website
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